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Information for Parents

Increased confidence and self esteem
There's nothing like that feeling of "Hey... I did that!" on completion of an exam.

Formal Acknowledgement of Achievement
Through attaining their certificate, your child has reached a recognised level or standard.

The experience of a life lesson - "Effort = Results"
Experiencing the process of setting a goal, putting in the practice and the subsequent achievement is likely to have tremendous impact in other areas eg. school and sports.

Increased motivation to practice and learn
Exams can motivate students to practice by providing a tangible goal to work towards.

Positive and constructive feedback
Your child will receive a report highlighting strengths and areas for improvement from an independent qualified examiner.

Positive introduction to the world of formal exams.

When can my child sit for an exam?

Your teacher will be able to guide you and your child towards the most appropriate time to participate in an exam. Providing adequate pre-assessment preparation time is essential to ensure your child is able to perform at their best. As a general guide, your child should know all the material required for the level by the entry date. The time between entry and the exam should be used to gain mastery of the material. This will ensure that your child is not placed under any unnecessary pressure prior to the exam to the world of formal exams.

What does the syllabus cover?

The Foundation syllabus covers the following:-

  • Piano performance
  • Technical work (exercises/scales)
  • Sight reading
  • Ear tests
  • General knowledge
  • Repertoire is chosen from Forte Course books as well as other publications. FME Exams are suitable for Forte class students and private piano students.

Who will be examining my child?

Foundation Examiners are experienced and qualified music teachers chosen for their ability to relate to children. Examiners receive training in how to set children at ease in an assessment situation. BrainGym® exercises are incorporated to assist your child achieve his/her best result, and positive feedback is given throughout the exam.

How will my child be assessed?

Assessment is criteria based. A copy of the Foundation assessment criteria is included in the FME teacher syllabus which can be downloaded from Syllabus Downloads.

How will my child's result be recognised?

Your child will be awarded a Certificate and Ribbon to celebrate the achievement of the level.

Where and when will the assessment take place?

The venue for the assessment will be decided by the Foundation. Generally examinations are taken at the closest venue to you - usually one of the air-conditioned Forte schools that has adequate car parking facilities.

What instrument will my child be assessed on?